Elf Salon ~ featured elf

The Elf Salon spotlights different elves from the Gallery and tells the stories of my encounters with them. It will be updated periodically, so please check back the next time you're in the neighborhood. The Salon is now featuring:



The tree-sized wild rose in the garden is wild with blossoms. Nearly all year 'round dozens of small pale pink flowers release a heady floral musk that spreads sensuously through the air, begging inhalations. it is a perfumed invitation, intoxicatingly pervasive, a voice that says, "Breath me in; become drunk on me. Drink your fill of beauty. Share my joy. Be one with me."

This is Rose. She is tenderly open, ever opening tenderly. She tends and teases each tiny bud into exuberant bloom. Hailing me through the window, she smiles in from the garden as my eyes light on her blossoming glory, and thrills as I inhale the perfume of the flowers nodding in a small glass jar on my worktable.

"I live to inspire Love," I hear her whisper in my mind. "It is the Rule of the Rose." She spreads her arms above the heads of her charges, in benediction and welcome. "Behold" she says, speaking with the grace of gentleness and strength combined, "the Beauty and Perfection that is You! Life is complete in its abundance, in the richness of thick, sandy soil, sun, moisture-laden fog, rain and soft, ever-moving currents of air. All needs are met, all purpose provided for. Live and Love and Enjoy how you are Blessed."

She is speaking to the rose-children, not to me at all, yet I feel my heart open wide, resonating with her joy of being. The Rule of the Rose is a way without fear or blame or shame. Rose offers Truth and Beauty as the essence of simplicity, as the Love that permeates all things.