Interpersonal Worlds ~ musings

Testimonials, reviews, and other musings

"Dara's clever eye in using color, texture, and feeling to evoke the mystery of the Feminine compelled me to buy her work, so that all women can see the layers of SHE unfold, not just through the eye, but through a visceral feeling through the body. Though Dara's work does not necessarily focus on the Feminine, she brings out the unfathomable depth of Life (which is the Feminine to me)… the wrath, the tenderness, the mischievousness, the yearning, the beauty, all that that is longed for, but which cannot possibly be entirely understood… just in the characters she depicts in her art. It takes not only talent to do this, but a real wisdom of the heart. Dara has this, and we are blessed to have her among our midst."

"Working with Dara and getting to know her better via our interactions and her work have been a real treat. I can say the same for the elves. Okay, there's an ounce of caution when this begins to sound like platitudes of gratitude. I did have some odd occurrences during the design which lead me to think that there were energies pulling at my leg. As an example, I would design a page, and then out of the blue, something would be off. I would close all my programs, reboot my system, study and study the code - all to no avail. Willing to let go and 'think about it tomorrow', I would go on with the rest of life. Then lo and behold, the next day, all issues were gone. Hmmmmm… Methinks there were some elfin energies at play in the machine. And to the elves, I say 'Hello! - I acknowledge and celebrate you!'"

"Listen deeply enough and one can hear the tinkling of tiny bells or the haunting tones of wind blowing through hollow reeds on a misty bay shore. Dara's art captures those sideways glimpses that one can see only under the most remarkable of conditions, when a face peeks out from behind the shimmer of another world and says hello."

"Dara Tuell's collection is truly inspired. Her collage-like technique incorporating original water colors, hand made papers and various other media, tells an intensely dramatic story, both fantastical and at once historic and futuristic. Each piece holds mystery and depth and yet a soothing balance of color and material. Mesmerizing. One can only begin to imagine the endless number of possible narratives underlying Tuell's work."

"I have been a long time fan of Dara's art as well as her Magic. The essence she captures in her pictures has helped bring me to new levels of consciousness. While reading her stories and viewing her pictures I felt my mind open to the world that her creations emerge from."