Loremaster ~ the Loremaster speaks


Were it not for Loremasters, all that was once known in all the worlds would be lost and forgotten. In my world, the world of Faery, there is a little-known lore, lost and forgotten by nearly everyone, concerning what we call "Gateways." These are openings or portals that lead from our world into your world, the human world, and perhaps into others as well.

Once all true Lore was known in all the worlds. But in your world, so much has been lost that Faery itself is considered mere fantasy, relegated to the realm of myth or children’s tales. You will doubt me when I tell you that it is a real place; that in many ways it is as much a part of your earth as you are, or as is the tree in your back yard. Reality, you see, is largely a matter of definition and perspective. To you humans, Faery is a state of consciousness -- one that you collectively choose to view as “imaginary.” To us, however, it is as tangible as your state of California.

To phrase it in terms of your science, of which I admit I understand little, we are merely on a different frequency, a program broadcast on another channel of the radio, just a twist of the dial away.

The gateways of which I speak of are places where the planes of my world are pressed close to those of yours so that there is a clear view from one side to the other, like that into the garden from your kitchen window. Or, to use the radio analogy again, places where the channel is tuned just so -- and the reception as clear as a shout from that open window into the yard. For those few, like myself who know and understand the secret Ways, it is a simple matter to tune the dial, to move from one world into another. Yet, for this to happen successfully it is needful that someone be present to receive the broadcast, to be in the yard to hear the shout. That is why, in this secret, nearly forgotten lore of my people, a Gateway is never a thing -- never a "what" -- it is always a "who." Gateways are to be found in the right sort of heart and mind, through a twist of vision, past the corridors of the imagination that open into the great halls of being.

I am a Loremaster, it is my job to preserve knowledge, to answer its call, and to share it with those who have need of it. In this case, I cannot claim to have discovered the gateway, nor was I the first to come through -- but I hope that I have in some small way contributed to her opening, awakening her to her own potential and the vast possibilities of the worlds within worlds within.

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